Type of Comic: Mainstream   Rating: PG-13

Susan Freeman

Susan’s philosophy about comedy is simple: "the truth doesn't have to hurt; it's also not G-rated."

Ironically, this former teacher was a high school dropout, but Susan has parlayed her ten years as a high school teacher into a promising comedy career. In the classroom, she delivered facts and nurtured young minds; on stage this comedian turns truths inside out through gentle sarcasm.

Combine her time in the classroom with her background as a former business owner, then business broker for "the largest business broker network in the world," and you've got ideal entertainment for corporate or club venues.

Don't be fooled by her "PTA Mom" appearance - she can take a sailor down a peg or two. What's most refreshing about her approach is that she doesn't use her disregard for the G-rating as a license to be crude. Susan wholeheartedly believes there's no better medicine than laughter. "Life's full of hurdles: sometimes we're stopped by them, which is sad; sometimes we leap over them, which is great; I frequently trip over them - that's just funny." "I'm an adult, people in the audience are adults - we can talk about grown-up stuff without being overly graphic or nasty about it. On the other hand, if you're an adult who freaks out over a little cuss word here or there, I don't know what to tell you - maybe 'get well soon?'"

After a decade of snorting chalk dust in the Pacific Northwest, Susan moved to Oklahoma. Dared to take the stage during Open-Mic Night at a local comedy club, she made some people laugh and has been hooked ever since.

Susan was a finalist in the 2007 Oklahoma's Funniest Person Contest. In 2009 she was a semifinalist in the Gulf South Comedy Challenge and was featured in Tulsa People Magazine. In 2010, Susan’s tour went international when she spent two weeks entertaining troops in Kuwait & Iraq and in 2011; she performed in clubs throughout the United Kingdom

She currently braves weather and speed traps throughout the country to bring her edgy, honest comedy stages, like yours.

Her PG-13 show is not crude, but her blatant honesty about real-life topics is not for children. Freeman jokes primarily about family, relationships, career, aging, sex, drugs, dysfunction & recovery.