Type of Comic: Mainstream, Blue Collar   Rating: PG - R

Neil Snyder

Neil Snyder has forged his own way in comedy since beginning his own series as booker and promoter of "Comedy in Crawfordsville" in 2012, putting lineups together in bars, restaurants, theaters, and clubs mainly in West Central Indiana. The Funniest Education Professional 2013, that win put him in the finals of the Funniest Person in Louisville contest. He's also been a featured performer at Gilda's Laughfest in Grand Rapids. He's been house comic at a downtown Indianapolis club, a regular on Red Rooster iradio, and part of three separate Indiana legs of tours involving cast members of hit Canadian series Trailer Park Boys.

His material, delivery, and stage awareness have allowed him to perform in rural rooms, mainstream, and urban, on shows requiring G-rated content, and those where R-rated is the norm. This has also led him to be heavily involved in the promotion Mad Hatter Shows, putting larger musical and comedy events around the Midwest. Neil has shared with dozens of comedians with national and regional TV radio credits that vary from BET to HBO to Comedy Central to Bob & Tom. He's also part of shows with household names like Louie Anderson, David Koechner, Gary Valentine, Marc Price, Jackass's Preston Lacy, The Office's Creed Bratton, and Tom Green as well as professional wrestlers Raven and Jim Duggan. He's just as likely to be featuring and headlining a bar in town without a stoplight as he is warming up a crowd for a celebrity, and that's just fine with him.