Type of Comic: Mainstream   Rating: PG

Buzz was hilarious and entertaining and absolutely perfect for our group! Buzz truly has a talent for adlibbing and using the audience’s participation in his delivery. In today’s diversity-conscious environment, it was such a pleasure to have an entertainer whose program was good, clean, and non-offensive.

Lane Fletcher (Meeting Coordinator, Southern Natural Gas)

We had an awesome turnout, and EVERYONE loved Buzz. He was absolutely wonderful and kept it clean. He was definitely a professional and worked with each moment as it came, even if it caught us all by surprise and didn’t go as planned. He is an absolutely wonderful man, and it was our pleasure to have him here.

Stephanie Boss (University of St. Thomas)

Buzz went over wonderfully. He is such a pro. I couldn’t believe how quickly he judged the crowd and how well he timed his performance. It was just right. Not too long or too short; and hilariously funny. Pam Buecker (Director, Education and Communication, VHA, Inc.)

Pam Buecker (Director, Education and Communication, VHA, Inc.)

As a meeting planner, it is always a challenge to choose entertainment that will appeal to a majority of 1200 attendees. In 27 years of conferences, you are the first entertainer we’ve ever had that received a standing ovation.

Michael Mikitka (CMP Director of Conference & Chapter Relations, Warehousing Education & Research Council