Type of Comic: Blue Collar, Mainstream   Rating: PG-17

When a comedian leaves you begging for more, you know you’ve just experienced a special night of comedy. Katrina Brown definitely delivers! Drawing on life experiences that everyone can relate to, Brown mixes hilarious self-deprecation with the uncanny ability to command the stage with an immediate connection to the audience. Brown headlined our show in Quincy IL and was an instant hit with the crowd. The only disappointment I had was when the show ended. I hope we can work together again in the future!

Deron Johnson, LMAO Comedy Series, Y101 Radio Quincy IL

As a comedy club owner, I look for comedians who are professional, easy to work with, and brings lots of laughs to our crowd. Katrina easily falls into all three categories. Providing comic views of real life situations, she typically has the crowds roaring in laughter from the time she steps on stage until the show is over. Her performance has a professional consistency, and she is always a pleasure to work with. This is why we bring her back to the Comedy Caravan year after year.

Darrell Holladay, Owner Comedy Caravan, Louisville KY