Some comedians are only funny when they are on stage, indicating that their show is scripted. But Longhorn the Comedian is funny all the time, and was a joy to be around. He also knew when to be a professional and did what ever needed to be done to make the show a success. He took the time to interact with audience before and after the show. Longhorn made a strong fan base while visiting Germany, and we will be staying in contact with him to invite him to perform for us in the future.

VP Ops Germany GMD Ent

Several friends and I celebrated a birthday at the Looney Bin comedy club in Tulsa, Oklahoma..... Longhorn was so funny that my friends and I are still talking about the show. After the show he mingled with us and took plenty of pictures while still making us laugh. we can't wait for his return.

Michelle L.

Loved the show Longhorn headlined in Greenwood, In. with Matt Collins and others.. He put on a hell of a show and u can tell he loves what he does.. Can't wait for him to make another appearance back in Indiana sometime.

Bradley M.

Longhorn was a featured comic on our show to benefit Joplin, MO. He is versatile comedian that can appeal to all races and ages. He is a solid host, and an even better headliner.