Type of Comic: Mainstream, Blue Collar   Rating: PG - R

“Neil has been my go-to guy for many elements surrounding big comedy shows, a capable feature or headliner, and my first choice as opener for celebrity performers when putting together special events’”

John Payne, Mad Hatter Shows

“Neil Snyder is one of the best at adapting to each audience, which adds a very human element to the show. His material is original and personal which also engages the audience. I can always count on Neil and his professionalism at any event!”

Comedian Dave Dugan

“I've worked with Neil on several occasions, and because of his wit and professionalism I was thrilled to have him on my show. He takes the comedy business seriously, works hard, and is reliable. A fantastic asset to my roster of performers.”

Charlie Hester, Courtyard Comedy

“Just another guy talking to you at the bar until he takes the stage and makes you piss your pants. A fast-rising comic with an incredibly high ceiling. Absolutely hilarious.”

Tony Minch, Road Rubber Comedy

“Neil Snyder is the thrill ride of the summer!”

Gene Shalit